Capital Marathon Challenge – Results

First: I came Second! I never came second in anything before. And with a fully operational knee I probably would have had a change to come first. How crazy is that!? (Well, it can only be explained by the limited number of ambitious marathon runners in this event.)

Second: The recorded time on the organisers result page is messed up. I did not do it in 3 hours 10. Definitely not. Add an hour and it’s more like it. Not sure if they will correct it at some point, if not I don’t have an official time ūüôĀ

Third: It was awesome. Running the River Lea tow path as part of a race was a dream come true. ¬†It was quite a lonely race though, only now and then did I¬†cross paths with other participants, which is¬†probably the downside of being in the lead.¬†Hahaha. ūüôā But I had a good friend joining me for a part of the distance, which was unique and very encouraging and probably one of the perks, when you have a marathon race at your doorstep. I loved the course, the last 10 k were through woods, stubble fields and nettles that stung your calves. Very adventurous. And even my knee did hold, but only while I was running. When I stopped for a pee once, I couldn’t go back running, it was too painful and I thought I need to walk the last 8 k. At some point I tried to hobble and went from hobbling to slow running and from there back to normal. Very weird. ¬†It’s still a mystery to me, what to do about my knee, but hey, I have four weeks to figure that out, before the Berlin Marathon comes.

And last but not least: I have not managed to reach my fundraising target of £300 yet. I am only half way though. So if any of you feel they can contribute to this cause, please click the link and sponsor me:

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