Geared Up for Brighton

gamin_fr_630It’s getting serious. After 7 years of tracking runs with my phone and good old Runkeeper, a new area is about to start: I got a proper Garmin running watch, FR 630, all singing and dancing. I never knew about my heart rate and permanent running data at a glance and had always been a bit cynical about these over-ambitious, over-geared, wannabe running athletes, who check their watches in a 10 seconds tact. Well, now I am one of them and you know what, it feels great. I blame Stuart by the way, who recently dropped a Metro review of the Garmin 630 on my desk, which planted the thought into my head that without this watch I am badly missing out on something (Inception says hello). I have been running a full week with it and of course I am not checking every 10 seconds (pathetic!), but I already got used to the heart rate monitor (HRM) strap and do enjoy the constant feed of running data. Plus it acts as a smart watch, giving you all the texts, emails and notifications from your phone. (So for someone else it might look like I am checking every 10 secs, but hey, what do they now!) I am feeling ready and geared up for the Brighton marathon tomorrow. Maybe I will even figure out how this live feed works, so that friends can follow me in real-time… Watch the space!

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