London – Jubilee with PB

I am still buzzing inside, so great was the event. I love London, I love how well everything is organised and thought through, I love how the London crowd’s cheers really give you this extra energy, I love the landmarks and London’s rougher bits. I love finishing at Buckingham Palace and the last stretch down the Mall. And I loved it all the same, when I run London in 2012. Back then it was my second marathon, today it was my 30th. Which means I have much more other marathon events to compare it with and still, the London Marathon, for me, is second to none by miles. What a glorious way to celebrate my 30th Marathon Jubilee. And even better, I can celebrate it with a new personal best time: 3:26:02! Still can’t believe it worked out so well.

Here some pictures: Before crossing Tower Bridge, the finish with Buckingham Palace and the Finish Line in the background and the medal.Tower Bridge

IMG_4904 IMG_4904 (1)

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