Farnham Pilgrim Marathon

photo-11-09-2016-11-31-36This is the third one of my “it’s summer, I don’t want to run” marathons. And under these premises it was a very good experience. Running trail is always a bit different to road and the organisers claim it to be “one of the toughest, prettiest trail marathons in UK”. It was tough and very, very pretty, especially on a great summer day like this, nice but not too hot. But toughest in UK? Prettiest in UK? Not sure. But hey, compared to the other trail marathons I have done in UK, that might be tougher and prettier (Lake District and Dorset), this was fairly easy to get to from London by car. It was also very well organised and I can highly recommend it. But I am still wondering why it is called “Pilgrim” marathon and why is there a silly cartoonish running monk on the medal. I looked for more information, but could not find any. So if someone knows, please tell me.

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