Oh my…

I am in Jerusalem and tomorrow I am going to run the marathon here. Still not sure what exactly it is, that makes this place feel so special to me: Is it its unparalleled history oozing through every aspect that makes this city, the countless annotations to faiths and believes that have been and are shaping the world (including my own) or the diversity of people and  backgrounds that seems to mix and blend and stand out all at the same time?

Whatever it is, the thought that tomorrow roads will be closed and thousands be welcomed to celebrate their passion for running and that I can be part of this give me goosebumps. It will for sure one of the very special marathons, I can feel it in the air. 😉

2 thoughts on “Oh my…

    • Yes, it was very “special”. Did not have time to write the next blog entry yet… maybe tomorrow 🙂

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