The Morning of Marathon Number 50

I am getting ready to face my fiftieth marathon. Number 49, the ultramarathon in Dorset last week, proved that even when running more marathons than probably the average runner, starting and finishing can never be taken for granted. This is what I love about the the distance: it makes you more aware of how much you are dependent on grace, because many things are outside your control. I am very excited though, finally feeling better after being affected for two weeks by this nasty cold. I did question my decision to squeeze my fiftieth into 2017, travelling all the way down to Malaga to have a bit of a warm and exotic environment to celebrate. The mental post traumatic stress caused by what I will now refer to as the Dorset-Ultra-Experience made me weary and doubting, if running another marathon the week after (or even at all!) was really such a clever plan. Now feeling better and recovered (I still can feel my quads hurting a little bit though), it feels right again. I have done it before (which, again, does not mean much) and Malaga is a great place. I really enjoyed spending the Saturday here and it seems the perfect place to escape the wintery London and run along seaside and historical buildings at 18 C degrees! Here a few pictures that in took yesterday. Malaga Marathon, I am coming!!!

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