Bad run

I am now in week 8 of my plan to become an ultra runner. Apart from week 2 it has been fairly ok. Week 2 was a bit if a disaster. A light cold, bruised hurting hip and all sort of things dampened my spirit. I wrote an endless blog post about it, but it remained unpublished. Not sure if anybody would had been interested in so much moaning. I still managed to do my 60k that week though. Now I am the third week of doing 66k and no real problems so far – apart from today: a simple 30 minutes lunch break run turned out to be one of the hardest I have done for a while. No clue why, no clue what I was doing different, it was just pretty hard and definitely no fun. I still have 24k to cover till Saturday and hope this was a one off.

2 thoughts on “Bad run

  1. Hi Roy, hope it was just a bleep and you will be back on track. 🙂 Have started doing some more regular walking which is good for me and have a app on my phone. Not so much fun in this damp weather but heading out soon for a walk to Cathy’s and back.

    • It was not just a bleep, but it does not stop me from running 🙂 I had a really good run today. Have fun with your walks!

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