Budapest Marathon Recap

Ok, this time I shared my most intimate thoughts from the start line. I did document it half for myself; it is hard to prove to yourself how bad the thinking was when all went well. I know this from other runs. And Budapest? No exception, it went very well indeed. Let’s revisit my thoughts from before the race: The silly vest turned out to be just right. Especially during the second half of the race, when it got warmer, it kept me noticeably cool. My arms were all fine, the Vaseline seems to have done its job just right. And I did not need the the loo after all. Perfect run so to say. And the time was around 3:40. Better than Warsaw and with a bit of luck I might even have done my personal best. But for that I have to wait for the official results. Still very please how well it went, PB or not πŸ™‚

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