C2C Finisher Photo

C2C 20180113_083700This Country to Capital (C2C) finisher photo comes a bit as a surprise. It looks unexpectedly positive and does not fit with the more gloomish race report. How did I manage to produce this smile and even look rather together than undone? A mystery. Yet, I have to say, that the dark thoughts about the race have lifted a bit and I do feel like going out for a run now. The thoughts of giving up running, which I entertained during the last 20 miles of that C2C race become more and more distant memories. And how could I give up, having already committed to at least two marathons in 2018? Helsinki in May and Snowdonia in October. Especially the Snowdonian one did take me many attempts to get into. In previous years I had always missed the very short time window of a few hours to sign-up. Now I finally got a place, how can I think about giving up running? Exactly.

Thanks to www.adrianhowesphotography.co.uk for the picture.

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